Our speaker list is being finalized. You can expect speakers from large and small pharma & biotech companies involved in: Computational, Data, IT and R&D.


Confirmed speakers:

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Peter Speyer, Global Head of Digital, Medical and Real World Data Solutions, Novartis

Abel Archundia-Pineda, Global Head of IT, Bayer Pharma, Bayer

Paul Agapow, Director, Health Informatics, AstraZeneca

Martin Romacker, Principal Scientist, Roche

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Anne Danniau, Head of Data Sciences, Grunenthal Group

  • Philippe Marc, Director, Global Head of Integrated Data Science, Novartis

  • George Papadatos, Director: Digital, Data and Analytics, GSK

  • Jonathan Wagg, Head of Oncology Disease Modelling, Roche

  • Craig Foxx, Chief Scientific Officer, C4X Discovery

Speakers involved in D4 USA included:

  • Andrea Splendiani, Associate Director, Information Systems, Novartis

  • Martin Leach, VP R&D, Global Operations and Global IT, Alexion Pharma

  • Janna Hutz, Senior Director and Head of Human Biology & Data, Eisai

  • Martin Romacker, Principal Scientist, Data and Information Architecture, Roche

  • Mera Tilley, Head of Precision Medicine, Goldfinch Bio

  • Brian Dougherty, Executive Director, Translational Science Oncology, AstraZeneca

  • Charlie Paulding, Director Predictive Medicine Genetics & Translational Medicine, Regeneron

  • Bin Li, Director, Computational Biology, Takeda

  • Bino John, Associate Director, AstraZeneca

Speaking organizations from D4 USA included: