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Renee Deehan-Kenney, VP of Computational Biology, QuartzBio

Renée Deehan-Kenney, PhD, is a molecular biologist by training and has spent the last decade guiding drug discovery and biomarker development by designing and building high-resolution molecular models of disease, and creating systems that find meaning in large-scale biological data.

Prior to QuartzBio, Dr Deehan-Kenney was VP, Biology & Bioinformatics at PatientsLikeMe where she scaled the computational biology team from inception to 30 members, focused on development of an integrated research platform, and the generation and analysis of multi-omic and patient-generated health data. In addition, she implemented machine-learning, statistical and systems biology-based modeling approaches, collaborating globally with teams based in China and Israel. Dr Deehan-Kenney was also the PI for the DigitalMe Ignite program, a nation-wide registry where blood and survey data was collected for multi-omic measurement and analysis to yield insights about personalized health.

Dr Deehan-Kenney was previously Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer at Selventa. In that role, she set the scientific direction for the company’s personalized medicine strategy and built a multidisciplinary team of biologists and computational biologists to characterize disease biology and identify target pathways. Dr Deehan-Kenney holds a doctoral degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor of science degree in bioengineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.