What is D4 Europe?

D4 Europe is ram packed full of case studies – opportunities to get into the weeds, learn and be inspired. Broken down into two sections (‘Enabling Science’ and ‘Doing Science’), every session has been carefully screened to ensure the presentation of data and evidence to back up the incredible work that’s being pioneered within pharma companies.

This is a deep-learning environment that features data/evidence driven case studies in the following areas:

  • Getting the Most Out of Biodata

  • The Healthcare Data Ecosystem

  • Target Discovery and Validation

  • Enhancing Drug Discovery and Development

  • Filling Gaps in Translational Research

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn and get inspired from listening to 20+ case studies presenting data, evidence, lessons learned, mistakes and insights that will drive your own biodata capabilities forward

  • Understand and leverage the fast emerging role of the healthcare data ecosystem in transforming drug discovery and development

  • Build your biodata capabilities from the bottom up, from both a technical and scientific standpoint.

  • Get straight past the hype and vision and into the detail on AI/ML as a tool to build, manage and examine knowledge and vast data sets

  • Spend quality time with other senior level practitioners from Europe’s leading pharma organizations, and leave armed with not just new ideas, but a new support network

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If you have any queries about the event or the availability of tickets please contact:

Daniel Wisniewski, Commercial Manager

T: +44 (0) 208 191 8810 E: dan@frontlinegenomics.com

A great blend of topics around data-driven drug discovery bringing people from different domains close to each other.
— Martin Romacker, Principal Scientist, Roche