About the Organizers

Backstory and Purpose

Front Line Genomics was set up after the death of the founder and CEO’s father to mesothelioma, a form of cancer with no effective treatments. The idea was to create a business with a clear and obvious purpose – our entire business and purpose is about putting patients first. We are a socially-motivated business, where the focus is on delivering progress that is meaningful for patients.

We’re based in London, but have a global footprint, with a strong track-record of organising events.

Initially, we focused on helping to deliver the benefits of genomics to patients faster – through organizing the Festivals of Genomics, webinars, magazines and reports – all free to access for users. We are now expanding into other areas where improvements will unlock value and lead to near/mid-term improvements for patients.

This D4 conference focuses on one of those topics – data-driven drug development – a priority area for pharma that will ultimately lead to transformative improvements for patients.

What Have We Done So Far?

Over 10,000 people from pharma, healthcare, academia, technology and investment sectors have attended a Festival of Genomics in the last 4 years, and the London Festival of Genomics is currently the second largest genomics meetings in Europe, with almost 2000 people through the door each year. Over a million individuals have benefited from free webinars, articles, reports and magazines from the Front Line Genomics website as well as hard copies of our magazines.

Related to D4-Pharma, we have a version of this meeting which took place in Cambridge MA in March 2019 with participation from 80+ senior leaders from pharma organisations such as Pfizer, Alexion, Eisai, AstraZeneca, BMS, Novartis, Biogen, AbbVie, Takeda, Regeneron, the FDA, Celgene, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi, Genentech, J&J and others. That meeting performed well beyond expectations in terms of interest and attendance.

Get Involved

We are always looking for new partners and new ideas, whether it’s D4 or another idea/project…

Want to discuss? Get in touch with Richard Lumb and I will respond as soon as I can.